6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hcg 496.7during 6th week is it obnormal?

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Answer: Hi dear, Not necessarily,as some could conceive late and So the pregnancy hormones are low in count as long as the HCG levels are doubling in 2-3 days,it is healthy.you might have to check in another 2-3 days for that.
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    Dgg Dgg29 days ago

    Actually my last period on January 12

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Question: Can u pls tell me my hcg is 859 in 6th week is it ok?
Answer: Hi dear, It is in safe level.as it differs in each women.if you had conceived early in cycle then the HCG levels would have been more.do it's not an issue.it doubles in every 2-3 days.so wait for another 2 weeks for next scan for cardiac activity of your baby.
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Question: hii i am in my 6th week and my hcg is 13850 is it good
Answer: The normal level should be in 6 weeks LMP 1,080 - 56,500 mIU/ml
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Question: I am 6th week pregnent n hcg is 1022.Is it normal. Last week hcg level is 536.Plz tell me
Answer: Yes dear, level is normal and growing in good way.
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