6 months old baby

Question: 6 months old baby girl...started solids today...gave 2-3 spoons of ragi...shall i give idly smudged with water on the same day night..

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Answer: Hi dear yes u can give but make sure not to add any salt sugar or soda. I think if u don't add all these then difficult to make idli. So better if u can make chilla of it in ghee.
Answer: Don't give idly with water ...give idly smudged with milk...nd one more think.Idly will not digest in night tym...so give in mrng tym .. around 9:30to10:30
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Question: I started solids for my 6 month baby yesterday. I gave one spoon of ragi seri yesterday and 2 spoons of ragi seri and some water today. Now my baby has loose motion. I can see ragi in her poop. Please let me if i should stop giving ragi
Answer: Hi Stop as for now and u can start after 1 or 2 weeks after ur baby is alryt... Usually ragi is recommended after 8 mnths due to its heat generating property... But some babies still accept ragi at 6 mnths.
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Question: Shall I give coconut water or tender coconut water to my 6 months old baby girl?
Answer: Hi.. Yes, dear you can introduce it to your baby, but in moderate quantity, maybe she likes it..
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Question: Can't we give coconut water in the quantiy of 2-3 spoons after 6 months
Answer: Yes dear u can give coconut water to baby after 6 months but avoid if ur baby is allergic to coconut. Coconut water is really helpful in preventing constipation problem, treats urinary infection, reduces vomiting. Coconut water contains lauric acid contents which boosts your baby's immunity
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