19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hlo, 5th month kis week se start hota hai

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Answer: 17 - 20 weeks is part of 5th month. 17th week se apka 5th month start hoga
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Question: Hello, 7th month kis week se start hota hai?
Answer: It actually depends on the starting point of counting the weeks. Considering that the first day of your last menstrual period was the begining of week 1 (In a 40 week pregnancy), Week 28is the 1st week of the 7th month. The 8th month starts with the beigining of the 32nd week. The counting differs because not every month is made of 4 weeks, some are made up of 5 weeks as well. Good luck! :)
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Question: 7 month kis week se start hota hai
Answer: Hie Week 26-30 is seventh month 31 -35 is eight and 36onwards ninth month Take care of your self and maintain a healthy diet
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Question: Hello..9th month kis week se start hota hai ?
Answer: Hi! 8 th month =32 weeks complete hone ke baad 33 weeks onwards aap ka 9 months chalta hain. Hope this helps!
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