22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 5th month started for me i am putting so much of weight. M worried that whatever i eat is just becoming my fat. I was healty before marriage too.I am worried about my baby. Main chahti hun jo main khaoon wo mujhy km or baby ko zyada lagy. I need a healthy baby not so much fat me

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Answer: Hello dear nothing to worry because in our frist trimester due to dizziness and nausea we may not puton weight but during our second trimester we feel that our energy back so intake of calories will increase and the baby also starts putting weight it is completely normal nothing to worry after delivery follow strict diet may help you to get back your body again
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    Sarkare Musa64 days ago

    Thank you dear😊

Answer: Nothing but walk and in diet with lot of water and fruits veggies and dryfruits .
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Question: am having 1 and half month baby.. normal delivery ... am so worried that am becoming very fat.... can u plz suggest me what I have to do? if I go for diet, I can't feed my baby properly rit?
Answer: Follow these tips to loose weight. 1)Start your day with any fruit. 2)Never skip breakfast. 3)Eat something in every 2hours. 4)Increase your protein intake(daal, milk etc) 5) Dont sit for long hours. 6)Keep yourself physically active. You can climb stairs while playing with your baby, run if possible, do cardio. 7)Exercise for minimum 20mins a day. 8)Eat dinner by 8pm and have very light dinner. 9)Avoid oily food.
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Question: Yesterday i did my 23week 6days scan that scan shows spine could not assured really i am soo much worried what to do i need i have healthy baby pls reply me fast
Answer: Take magnesium rich foods like green vegetables,nuts,seeds .its improve ur baby spine bone
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Question: My baby girl is 132 days old am giving her cows milks from 10 days today she is crying too much i think due to stomach pain i need to go to doctor am so worried plz help
Answer: First of all u shudnt start cow's milk till 1 year.....
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