2 months old baby

Question: 56 days old baby.. After bath also she s not sleeping.. Continually hv t move cradle. What will be the reason?

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Answer: Hey dear baby change her routine every week. Don't worry baby can change her routine
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Question: After normal delivery i got my regular periods but this month still i didn't get my periods.. What will be the reason..
Answer: Hi dear, especially in the months immediately after giving birth, it is common to have irregular periods.that too women who are breast feeding are more likely to notice irregular periods, as the hormones that support breast feeding can cause body to delay ovulation or ovulate infrequently.but better to use barrier method till you plan for next pregnancy during ovulation period intercourse.take care
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Question: Hi frnds.. my boy baby s 2 months old.. in recent two days he is vomitting the milk immediately after feeding. Tday also he vomited the full milk as it is after feeding.. what's the solution and what's the reason
Answer: Dear it is normal till 3-6 months.vomiting from acid reflux happen when the muscles at the top of the stomach are too relaxed.this triggers vomiting shortly after feeding.in most babies the stomach muscles strengthen and your baby’s vomiting goes away on its own.take care
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Question: My baby is crying a lot in the night specially since last 3-4 nights...she is 44 days only..even after feeding n diaper change she continues to cry.pls help me what could be the reason. She is not sleeping in the night
Answer: Babies cry for many things.. sometimes clothes May be irritating, diaper irritation, uncomfortable sleeping bed, stomach pain... Give gripe water atleast once in a day
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