2 months old baby

Question: 53 days old baby should be feeded how many times.

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Answer: Ever two hrs once or on demand
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Question: How many times baby movements should be there per day??
Answer: Honestly I never counted kicks for my baby.mi found it extremely complex..of you feel baby movements and pattern is fine then no need to worry.ideally it is to be counted 10 kicks in every two hours. It never happ n d in my case.and as you grow in pregnancy it reduces too as baby hardly has any space in Uterus to move that much..but if in doubt please get in touch with doctor.as every individual is different.
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Question: How many times a day cerelac can be feeded to 6 months baby?
Answer: Dear in the beginning when you are starting food so it should be given only once in a day and slowly you can increase this.
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Question: After 6 months of a baby, how many times should he feeded breastmilk and formula milk
Answer: Best to feed breast milk in case you feel that the breast milk is insufficient you can give formula milk onces a day
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