1 months old baby

Question: 40 days old baby boy he is vomitting after feeding sometimes the whole milk he vomit why

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Answer: After feed you need to burp him for digestion... Baby vomiting milk bcz the milk he had taken is not digested
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    Poonam Masrani510 days ago

    Ok thanks

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Question: My baby is 23 days old. After feeding he sometimes vomit the milk... Is it serious or normal. Please suggest.
Answer: My baby also used to take alot of time to burp and when we put her back to bed she spits all milk. So in this case its important to pat baby for atleast 30 minutes.15 minutes upwards aDearnd 15 minutes downward baby will surely burp and also after burpdont put her down rather keep her in upwards position for sometime this will prevent vomit..
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Question: my baby is vomitting after feed..He vomits all milk after feeding..why is this happening?
Answer: Seems like you baby is having issue of Reflux so please feed your baby with little less Milk but if you think your baby is hungry you can increase the frequency of feeding
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Question: My baby boy is 6 days old he is doing potty n vomitting after breast feeding. What should I do
Answer: It is common to vomiting in babies..after feeding , take him into your shoulder pamper him on his back slowly..he will get some sound from his mouth like oooovvvv.
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