4 years old baby

Question: 4 week baby size

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Answer: A four week baby is very small in size deer might be of the size of a pea
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Question: What should be the size of 5 week 4 days size of sac?
Answer: My 5weeks is going on gastational sac with indefinite fetal pole came out in the report . I am getting severe lower abdomen pain like periods pain....m afraid too about it...is it normal??!
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Question: size of 4 month baby
Answer: Hi as at 4th month baby weight around 23 to 100grams and height ranges 7 to 11cm. And baby is still developing and babies feets and legs are developed its more looking like a fetus.
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Question: Week 7 baby size
Answer: Hi dear, At 7 weeks your baby or foetus is very very tiny.it could be around 0.51 inches,that's it.
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