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Question: 4 months over

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Question: my baby completed 4 months but still doesnt roll over...?
Answer: Babies start their first roll over from belly to back around two to five months, back to side around four to five-and-a-half months and from back to belly around five-and-a-half to seven-and-a-half months. You can play with your little one to encourage her to roll over. Jiggle her favorite toy so that she tries to move towards it. Use a toy that your baby likes the most. Lie close to her for her to roll on to get to you. If she reaches for the toy or to you, cheer her up by making her smile. She may then get more enthusiastic to flip her body.
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Question: Hello...i have 4 months old baby. So far he has not rolled over...when does usually babies roll over...?
Answer: Hi. baby achieve rolling upto 5 month, so you can wait for one more month. Increase tummy time for your baby that will strengthen shoulder and neck muscles. Try to intionate rolling by turning him to one side . Do it on both side .only for few seconds.
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Question: my 4 months baby rolled over today. feeling great....
Answer: congrats :-) mine too did a week ago..she's 3months old :-) i know how excited u must be
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