6 months old baby

Question: 4 months Old baby girl any time hungry most of the day she drinking milk no sleep properly

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Question: My baby is 1 year 4 months old..... not sleeping properly in the night.... most of the time she cry...
Answer: Hi I understand this is one of the most irritating thing when mom get tired whole day , she to expect have a good sleep at night and baby wake up in between .Don't worry follow below steps and I m sure u will succeed.  u Need to plan the day activity to make sure that baby sleep nicely at night. Plz follow the below routine.  1) keep baby engaged whole day. Take her out for evening walk or to play. Engage her in mental and physical activity so that baby will get tired. 2) give bedtime everyday if weather is favourable. That will make baby relaxed and make feel sleepy.  3) massage baby with mild lotion after bath. It helps  to stimulate the most important nerves of the body so that baby sleep  through the night.  4) involve in soothing and calm activity right before bedtime along with some relaxing music. Develop strong learning habits by singing lullaby or reading stories.  5) make separate pair of sleep cloth. Baby will associate them with sleep time. Make sure there is no toy around the bed and light is dim 6) make sure to feed baby well so that baby will not wake but due to hunger at night. Make baby wear diaper if needed so that pee or potty wouldn't let baby wake up at night.  These are my personal testimony and it really work. Do implement it. 
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Question: My baby girl is 15 months old. She does not sleep properly at night.sometimes she cries at the time of sleep.is she suffering from any stomach problems?
Answer: Hi dear.. Common reasons why babies cry at night: 1.Being Hungry 2.Pain 3.Diaper change 4.Feeling cold 5.Not feeling well
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Question: My 4 months 10 day old baby girl farting most of d time and bomitting (white semi liquied milk)..but she is not poo...🤐 What hv to do
Answer: Farting is normal.. No need to worry.. And for ommiting, u have to burp the baby after every feed... please pat the baby on back to burp for 15 minutes ...
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