15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 4 month me Bp low hua hai toh kya krneka

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Answer: BP low hua hai 4 month me toh kya krne ka pregnancy me BP low hona achi baat hai ki nai
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Question: BP low hona problem ki baat hai kya pragnancy me... Or BP low thik kaise hogA
Answer: Hello dear, There is usually no medical treatment for low blood pressure during pregnancy, but you may try several  remedies... Taking time to wake up slowly in the morning instead of jumping out of bed, and getting up from the chair or sofa slowly during the day can help prevent dizziness or fainting....If you feel faint, you should sit or lie down gently to avoid falling and take steady breaths. Lying on the left side may also help increase blood flow to the heart, if low blood pressure is causing nausea, warm herbal tea may help settle the stomach. Staying hydrated with water can help. Eating many small meals throughout the day... Eating a varied and nutrient-rich diet....Increase  daily salt intake. If you feel fainting or dizziness along with a severe headache, vision changes, or shortness of breath, you should seek emergency care. Chest pains and feelings of numbness or weakness one side of the body also require emergency care... Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: Muje chakar weakness aur acidity hai toh kya krneka 2 month chal raha hai
Answer: Hai agar aapko Chakkar aa rahe hain to Doctor ki consultation se aap apna animate aap apne hemoglobin levels check Kariye Kyunki low hemoglobin levels ki wajah se bhi Chakkar aa sakte hain and aap ko apni body me enough water intake karna chahiye dehydration ki wajah se bhi Chakkar aa sakte hain aapko Har do ghante kuch khana chahiye acidity ke liye aap cold milk pijiye aap Ginger Honey paste one teaspoon Lijiye aap spicy food and fried Food ko totally avoid kijiye
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Question: me ab 4 month pragnant hu aur mera Bp kabi b low rahta hai muje kya karna chahiye
Answer: A normal BP reading is below 120/80 . though Low BP wont impact much but still at extreme low may create severe issues. 1. Eat a diet high in salt 2. Improve your fluid intake 3. Avoid lifting heavy object 4. You may feel dizzy after meals, try eating smaller, more frequent meals.
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