38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 4 days old baby not taking milk, how to do it ,

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Question: My baby do not suck my milk. How much time it takes for new born to start taking breast milk
Answer: Hi dear, congratulations on your baby!! I know breastfeeding is not all easy as it seems. And as baby and you both are new in this so both will be facing difficulty. Here are some tips to help baby latching. Make sure to keep fingers far from the nipple so you don't affect how the baby latches on. Aim the nipple toward the baby's upper lip/nose, not the middle of the mouth. You might need to rub the nipple across the top lip to get your baby to open his/her mouth. The baby's head should be tilted slightly back. Hope this will help.
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Question: My 4 month n 10 days baby is not taking BM as well as formula milk what to do
Answer: If you have enough milk then why are you giving formula milk
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Question: My baby is 1 month old... He is not taking milk for past 4 days n sleeping most of the time... Sometyms only burping not taking milk properly pls tell me wat to do bf mom
Answer: Try to make breast feeding, give woodwards for diagesion
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