16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 4 days back I saw brown discharge .dr checked it and everything was fine. Even everything was fine in scan but after taking medicine (sustain 200) and total bed rest till now.. still seeing that few brown discharge.. what is reason behind it.

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Answer: Kabhi kabhi aisa koi tension lene se ho jaata hai.u should calm and be positive.everything will be ok.bed rest is prescribed only for precaution for safety.
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Question: Hey I am 7 weeks 2 days pregnant... I got a creamish Brown vaginal discharge. Is everything fine?? And may I know the reason behind the same
Answer: Discharge is usually brown due to old blood leaving the body, which can be an early symptom of pregnancy. Brown discharge during pregnancy is not generally a cause for concern. It is completely fine
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Question: Im 5 week pregnant , due to my early spotting ( brown discharge) doc suggested for complete bed rest for 2 days with few medicine. After checking today's report she confirmed every thing is fine but still she told me to take complete bed rest for 2 weeks. Im very concerned, if everything is fine then y she suggested again for bed rest. Please advice?
Answer: Its always better to take complete rest and avoid and sort of hard work during early stage of pregnancy. Sometimes it depends upon your current health conditions as well. And as mentioned precautions are always better than cure. Do not worry think positive take ample of rest and enjoy pregnancy
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Question: brown discharge is coming . is it normal ? 2 weeks ago i was having heavy bleeding doctor gave me sustain nd folic acid medicine and bed rest . Is anything serious about brown discharge?
Answer: Dear actully its not normal....it is that there will be some remaining clots after bleeding it will clear off in 15to 20 day...if the discharge is high then pls consult rhe doctor
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