28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 3rd trimester is started to have good milk to feed after delivery which milk powder I can take

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Answer: Hi dear I would not suggest you to try anything to have lactation after pregnancy because you never know what is going to be your supply know if you keep having something from pregnancy itself it might cause you over spply it might cause you're breast engorgement or mastitis which is not a very good thing to hope for so please do not try anything from now on please wait till delivery see what is your supplier if you can feel your baby well and then only think about the supplements.. Hope this helps
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Question: Is it safe to consume prorein powder 8n Pregnancy? Which protein powder to take in the 3rd trimester?
Answer: Hi dear There are many health drink mix in market now a days as all are business..which are added preservatives Do make some home made healthmix as they are safe and healthy.. Dry fry almonds and powder it and save in air tight jar...add 2 spoon with milk and boil it and add some honey for taste which helps for kids brain development and good blood flow for healthy grwoth.. Boil 2 dates with a glass milk and give it helps for iron and calcium supplement and increases HB level..
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Question: Can i take protein powder which is given in pregnancy after delivery. Since milk production is less
Answer: You can take protein powder anytime it's just a supplement
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Question: Which powder is good to have with milk during pregnancy?
Answer: Better to make it @home Have cashew nuts 25 pieces Almonds 25 " Apricot 5 " Pistachio 25 " Add elaichi 15 " Have Saffron ( roast it on tavaa ) Mix all.. grind it Add one spoonful in glass of milk.. Have it daily before sleep
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Question: My babys 7th month started. Which milk powder is good to give her.
Answer: Hi. You can choose any one from nan- pro, lacyogen and similac. All the three are very good.
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