10 months old baby

Question: 3month baby suffering from constipation.. Pls suggest some home remedies

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Answer: Hi dear apply some warm coconut oil on baby stomach and massage clock wise and anti clock wise
Answer: Use some hing in ur food.it will help ur baby by way of ur milk.
Answer: Give medium hot water...
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Question: I m suffering from constipation and piles. Pls suggest some home remedies
Answer: Hi dear, Extreme constipation for long time could be the reason for this.whennignored could lead to piles or fissure related issues.you should have taken laxatives like cremaffin post delivery.my doctor had recommended the same. Meanwhile ,take lot of fluids in diet,if you are breastfeeding,then your water intake should be even more.take plenty of fibre ,like vegetables,fruits.refined foods like maida etc should be strictly avoided.healthy lifestyle could help you manage this,but since it has gone little far,I would recommend you to visit your doctor,to avoid any further complications.it can be treated.
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Question: I'm suffering from constipation and burning throat. Pls suggest some solutions or home remedies?
Answer: Drink lots of water dear which helps in preventing constipation. Jeera water, feenel water, coconut water good for treating constipation. Eat spinach broccoli Green leafy vegetables fruits milk curd ghee butter Chiku Babana plum pear avocado helps in smoothern the stool. Have regular exercise yoga and walk keeps you active and healthy and good for digestion.avoid eating spicy food. Drink lots of hot water with honey, lemon juice helps in treating Burning throat.
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Question: My baby is suffering from constipation ,, pls suggest some remedies
Answer: Give banana, a lil hot milk and you can give homeopathy medicine
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