38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 3hours walking daily but no labour pain

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Answer: Labour pain doesn't depend on how long u walk. Please go throw with ur estimated delivery date which is mentioned in ur scanning report.. Though ur EDD comes and u don't have any sense of pain means plz concern ur doctor.. If ur cervix is opened and ready to delivery they will do normal by giving artifical pain.
Answer: Hi I hope you are comfortable walking 3 hours however if you are comfortable only then you should work for so long and for labor it t depends upon meaning medical factors continue to take your walks.and it should help in getting labour pains also do breathing exercises which will help you are the time of labour
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Question: 39 week complete...but no labour pain
Answer: Hello.. Dear since you are nearing your due date, you may get pain at any time, so don't get worried, can try these remedies will help in getting pain, walking is the best exercise,to do for getting labour pain and vaginal birth,so walk as much as you can,keep yourself engaged active throughout the day,can do kegal exercises and squats,it will help to open the cervix and yields pain,be relaxed Da, because stress play an vital role in pregnancy, according to old wives advice we can mop and clean floor in squat position will ease labour pain,but dothat with supervision of elders,do do alone, because safety is very much important ,keep trying this tips,hope it works for you
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Question: my 40weeks complete but no labour pain .
Answer: Hi Don't worry it ain't unusual many women delivery post due date even I did Your baby needs to be closely monitored post due date observe movements every 3 hours There should be 10 movement a day If you experience decrease in fetal activity visit your gynaclogist to the earliest Your doctor may observe untill 41-42 weeks according to your babys environment Generally post 41 weeks if there is no pain they may induce or go for c section according to the situation
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Question: Hi m walking too much daily 2 to 3 hours bt still no sign of labour, is it normal
Answer: Hello, Dear it's too much..don't push yourself much it will cause some discomfort to you. Don't worry this happens dear. Just wait and have rest pain will start on its own. You can also try to stimulate your nipple that can help induce labour pain.
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