36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 38 weeks of delivery is safe ?

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Answer: Delivery done anytime after 36 week of pregnancy is completely save my nephew was been delivered at 37 week of pregnancy and he was completely healthy and good
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Question: Is delivery is safe in 38 weeks with surgery
Answer: yes dear, due to some complication doctors advise to go for c section after 37 weeks for baby s and mother safety. in my case I had water leakage due to this there was less water in womb due to which there might be some complication with my baby. my child was healthy and active also.
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Question: 38 weeks its safe for operation delivery??
Answer: Hi dear, Yes ,in general by 38 weeks you are full term but individual cases can differ.so check with your doctor and proceed.
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Question: normal delivery in 38 weeks is safe r nt
Answer: Both c section and normal delivery is absolutely safe after 37 weeks.
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