38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 37 weeks started only from yesterday. Since then feeling abdomen skin is tense. Y is it so?

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Answer: Hi dear, It could be due to false labor.women in final trimester frequently experiences tightness of tummy.and it stays for sometime and then relaxes on its own.it is also known as Braxton and Hicks contractions.they are harmless.its body's way of preparing you for your actual labor.
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Question: Hiiii.. m 29 wks pregnant... feeling mild pain in lower abdomen while changing the position since yesterday....y so??
Answer: mild pain can be because of any reasons. can say exactly whats behind the pain.it might be the growth of the baby that pushes your internal organs that pains. or might be gas in the body .
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Question: Dont know y since morning i.m feeling burning feeling in stomach? Y is it so?
Answer: Check on your food I think you had any spicy food which is making to feel like burning.. don't have too much of spicy as baby will Not feel comfortable
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Question: I have started my 8th month since a week ago.. From yesterday I fell v less movmnt.. Y so
Answer: if baby wt. increases movements can b less... but if u feel tightness in the stomach... rush to dr. immediately
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