37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 36week pregnant means

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Answer: Hi.. Dear 36 weeks are equivalent to 8 months and weeks, which means you are eight and a half months pregnant, your nineth month is running..
Answer: 36 weeks means starting of 9th month. Take care
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Question: Slightly white discharge passed is it normal 36week pregnant?
Answer: Yes it is absolutely normal as your body is getting prepared for labour. So don't worry at all. Only if it is itching, foul smelling or bloody show you need to consult your doctor. If you found this helpful please click helpful button.
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Question: 36week pregnant according to ultrasound my im 36week pregnant but dr say fundal hight is reduce 1and 1/2week means baby growth less plz tell ultrasound is correct or fundal hight measurment correct
Answer: hi dear! so if the scan say there is no problem dear . the fundal height reduces when the baby's head is engaged or drops down in preparation for delivery. so dont worry as long as the scan shows no problem then dont worry dear. take care dear.
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Question: I am 36Week pregnant can I have my delivery now
Answer: Hello dear Babies born at 36 weeks will have no issues other then a tiny bit underweight. A baby born at 36 weeks is considered as late preterm. The risk is much lower at 36 weeks. So, yes u can have delivery in 36 weeks.
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