35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 36 week pregnant. Feeling sleepy in the 2nd half. Earlier, I used take iron twice,aftr it increased to 12, my gynaec reduced to one doze. Shud I increase my iron capsule to twice a day?

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Answer: Hi would be mom, felling sleepy is quite obvious.take rest and do some lite exercise.Eat iron rich foods like spinach, broccoli,dates...and take iron supplements one time
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Question: Hi my baby is 40days old,i had a c sec,can i take iron tablet ,one every afternoon. Im taking calcium twice a day
Answer: Hi dear yes surely u should take till 6 months of age of baby as still ur body need these nutrition as u r breastfeeding ur baby. Also for the doses do consult doctor.
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Question: I am 12 weeks pregnant, can i take one cod liver oil capsule a day?
Answer: cod liver capsule is really very healthy as it contains omega 3 fatty acids. but pls do consult your doctor before taking It.
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Question: I'm taking calcium 2 times a day and iron once a day during the afternoon. Now doctor has advised me to take iron tablet also twice a day. Is it normal? My hb is 12.6 . Please tell me when can I take the iron tablet. Can I take it together or separately.
Answer: Hello Dear it depend on composition like how many mg are yu taking.. some medicine have in 1 tablets and some need 2 equal to 1it depends. if doctor has recommended, then take calcium after breakfast and lunch.. iron can be taken in eveneing and night keeping in mind both ( calcium and iron supplement) should not be taken together. It is absolutely safe just follow yur doctor's instructions. Take care
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