3 months old baby

Question: 3 months old baby not sleeping well, she is sleeping at night 11:45 and waking up morning at 8. Morning time she is not sleeping, if she sleeps, she waking up suddenly for little noises. We couldn't sleep her in a day time. Our home is at road side. Please suggest.

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Answer: Dont worry dear this is very normal situation..almost babies sleep properly after six months..because of their hunger..aftr six mnths whn they strt eating thn they will also sleep properly.
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Question: Hai..my baby is 4 months 10 days old... from last 3 days she is not sleeping well...she sleeps from mid night 1 to mng 8..after that in day times she is not sleeping...if she get sleep she sleeps for only 10 min after that again playing..any suggestion...
Answer: Dear one.....if u didn't heard about growth spurts....it is it....every child goes through this phase...and as for a growing baby... discovering new things is their aim ...so they don't sleep more...instead they try discovering and recognising...and this is also a teething phase...u will have restless nights even in future...so just make urself get ready for the situation to face....gudluck dera
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Question: My baby is sleeping at night from 12 to 5...She is not interested to drink milk on that time....I trying to wake up her.. but she is in deep sleep...What I can do pls suggest
Answer: Doctor suggested baby can sleep up to 4 to 5hours is normal not to wake them up.but we feel baby mouth will dry up if they won't take milk am also facing same issue.i use to change nappy and disturb him to wake him up after 3hours of his sleep some way this will help
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Question: My baby doesnot sleep at night ..he sleeps in day nd even if we try to wake her up she will not ..at night she is awake from 12 to 5 ...how to change her pattern ..I feel very tired
Answer: Same with me. But now my son is sleeping at ngt. U have to off the lights at night and set routine. After a week they will come to know. Try to be patience
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