3 months old baby

Question: 3 months done after c section....now light bleeding is this a period

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Answer: Hi dear. Yes it could be your regular period, keep on observing its flow and duration , if it seems similar to period then it is your periods. Some ladies get their regular period within few months of delivery, even i got it after 2 and half months. Hope this will help you
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Question: I have light drop bleeding after 5 month i am not get period c section
Answer: Hi after delivery you may get your period as early as 3-4 months or it may take 12-14 months as well If you aren't breast feeding it generally comes by 3-5 months And if your breast feeding it might take 6-14 months It would come when your body is healed and prepared don't worry.but make sure take precaution while sex .because in this time there s so many chances of concieving .try it...tq
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Question: How to loose tummy after c section.my c section has done before 3 months
Answer: dear after 6 month of bed rest you can start doing exercises. abdominal exercises good for reduction of the belief you can also go to gym . for 6 months we should take complete bed rest because cesarean is a major surgery for there are many stitches in it and it time take to heal . avoid carbohydrate food and sweet and also avoid junk food and soft drinks . gradually it will decrease
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Question: 38 days after c section and still bleeding. Although bleeding is light. Can u help
Answer: Hello! Bleeding can last upto 45 days . There is nothing to worry. But if the bleeding stays longer than 45 days then consult the doctor. Take care
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