2 months old baby

Question: 3 month old baby has not poop from 3 days

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Answer: Exclusively breastfed can poop after a gap of 4 to 5 days, which indicates baby is able to digest your full milk. See to that baby dosent get colic pain.
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Question: My baby has not done loo from past 5 days. should I consult doctor or is it ok?
Answer: if your baby is exclusively on breastfeeding then this is absolutely normal don't worry this happens because breast milk gets absorbed in body and there is nothing left to pass motions my baby sometime didn't use to not pass motion for 10 to 15 days
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Question: 4.5 months old babys scalp has dandruff kind of patches from 3 days. Please suggest what to do
Answer: It's normal to remove scalp of baby..don't worry u don't have to do anything..it will go bye 15 days to a month..do oil massage and use well shampoo.dont remove by hand don't comb hairs
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Question: Can i feed cow milk for 7 month old baby has breast milk is not enough for baby
Answer: Dear instead of cow milk better to add any formula milk until age of 1 year, because cow milk not contains iron which causes anemia to the baby and impacting babys growth.and also it contains high fat and proteins which makes it difficult for the baby to digest.because of high proteins can burden the immature kidneys of baby.take care of your baby dear
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