3 months old baby

Question: 3 month baby have worm in her stomach... doctor says that upto 6 month baby . .no worries about creamy...tell me my child have loose motion from 6 days

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Question: Respected doctor...plz tell why my 4 month child get excessive sweating in her feet downwards
Answer: Hi dear, it is normal for babies to sweat.in most instances there is nothing to worry about that.main causes are baby movements, position of sweat glands, room temperature.there are few pathological causes which are very rare.keep maintain room temperature, keep your baby hydrated, dress your baby appropriately, if it is severe please visit doctor once.take care of your baby
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Question: I'm 14 week pregnant my doctor says that my child has stopped growth in 6 weeks but now itself I didn't get any bleeding or any symptoms now what I have to do? Pls tell me...I'm so panic
Answer: Hey dear u should consult to another gynologist too nd go 4 scan .. its very nesasary to take another opinion too then take any decision. Have faith on god .
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Question: Please can any one tell remedy for loose motion ?My 5 month old baby having loose motion from 10 days
Answer: Just give him lots of liquid. And u can consult your babies pediatrician
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