34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 3.8 tsh is normal in last trimester or not

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Answer: Hi! thyroid level is supposed to be 3.0 during pregnancy however if it is 3.84 you then it is slightly elevated your doctor Mike suggest you medication to control the level and what is needed for you to maintain is the diet if the doctor prescribed a particular diet to you please follow that and do not worry thyroid will not harm your baby directly if the right dose of medicine at the right time is taken . Hope this helps!
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    ajita singh635 days ago

    I m already taking 50 mcg thyronorm tablet...

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Question: My tsh is 3.5 in first trimester. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello.. Dear your thyroid level is high,so consult your doctor,and start taking medicine,along with this follow these tips,it might be helpful in reducing Thyroid,during pregnancy,the thyroid stimulating harmone (TSH) level,should be lower than level of non pregnant ,the level of thyroid during first trimester is 0.1-2.5,and in second trimester is 0.2-3.0,third trimester 0.3-3.0,the difference in these values lead to thyroid definiciency, there are two types of thyroid know as hyper and hypothyroidism,if you maintain stable thyroid value,it won't affect baby and you in any way Precautions to control thyroid .. Intake of carrot and egg Include more carrot in your diet,it contain vitamin A,which helps in controlling thyroid gland and include egg too which too helps a lot Vitamin B rich foods. Vitamins like B complex like B1,B2,B3,B5,B6,B7,B9,B11 will helps you in controlling thyroid,include foods like barley,cereals,green leafy vegetables,eggs,in your diet Ginger tea Make a habit of drinking ginger tea, regularly it will controls thyroid gland .. Vitamin D Vitamin D helps in vital source of thyroid gland,so start standing in morning sunlight for atleast twenty minutes will give you better results Coconut oil Include coconut oil in your diet,which will helps to control thyroid Rock salt Start using rock salt in your diet,which helps in effective working of thyroid gland
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Question: My tsh level is 5.t4 is 3.8.Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear! It is not normal and you are suffering from hypothyroidism. You need to visit your doctor and start with levothyroxin medication accordingly. You will even need to adjust your timings of prenatal vitamins that you have been taking according to the dosage and timings of thyroid medication as they interfere with its absorption. Avoid any goitogenic food like cabbage,cauliflower,turnip,sprouts,kale,soyabeans,mustard etc. Getting your hormonal level to norm is very important for your baby's health! A combination of medicatio with diet should definitely improve your thyroid levels.
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Question: What is normal TSH level in 1st trimester?
Answer: Hello dear... Normal TSH level are as follows... First trimester is 0.1-2.5 Second trimester0.2-3.0 third trimester 0.3-3.0
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