34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 3.8 tsh is normal in last trimester or not

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Answer: Hi! thyroid level is supposed to be 3.0 during pregnancy however if it is 3.84 you then it is slightly elevated your doctor Mike suggest you medication to control the level and what is needed for you to maintain is the diet if the doctor prescribed a particular diet to you please follow that and do not worry thyroid will not harm your baby directly if the right dose of medicine at the right time is taken . Hope this helps!
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    ajita singh964 days ago

    I m already taking 50 mcg thyronorm tablet...

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Question: Tsh is 3.66 after 7weeks of pregnancy.is it normal for first trimester.
Answer: Its little high. 3.3 mu/l consider normal in first trimester but no need to worry. During pregnancy hormonal changes are normal and tsh level becomes high due to hormonal changes.
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Question: In nt scan report amniotic pocket is 3.8 cm deep is it a normal range or matter of worry
Answer: The range of normal largest pocket is 2-8 CM your is in range but on lower side. you should drink lots of water and other liquids throughout the day to maintain your fluid level.
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Question: Hi I am in third trimester But I have TSH serum level 4.58 Is it normal or not in pregnancy
Answer: Upto 4.8 considered normal in third trimester of pregnancy. It is in range but near apartments in avoid few foods like junk food fried food cauliflower cabbage spinach in your regular diet. Hope it helps.
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