4 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 2nd month steps ekkocha

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Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your pregnancy! Currently you are 4 weeks pregnant.your 2 Nd month starts from 5 th week.
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Question: I have 2nd month now... Can i use steps...
Answer: Hii Any pregnant woman using the stairs in early pregnancy or the later months should use certain safety precautions to prevent strains or falls. The following safety tips can help prevent accidents: Use handrails If you live in a two-story home or are in a place with stairs, always use the handrails and do not carry multiple items up the stairs in both arms. Always leave a free hand to hold on. Use lighting. Turn stairwell lights on when going up and down. If you don’t have good lighting, now is the time to get some installed. It is very easy to miss a step when you cannot see going up and down stairs .Make sure stairs are carpeted properly. Slipping and falling on stairs is common. Use good secure stair carpets or something similar to ensure proper foot traction .Go slowly. Rushing up and down stairs increases the risk of accidents. Take your time when using stairs and look at the stairs when walking up and down. All the best 
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Question: Is climbing steps ok during 4th month of pregnancy as room is in 2nd floor?
Answer: Hello Dear climbing stairs is a kind of excersice which is ok in pregnancy but yu need to be careful that yu don't have *Cervical stitches *Bleeding problem *Low placenta *Any abortion history If yur pregnancy is healthy then definitely yu can climb up n down but that to with precautions like *Climb slowly n come down slowly *Do take proper support *Second n third trimester require it isn't care as yur weight increases n yur body balance will get effected. Take care
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Question: I had a c-section on April 2nd climbed few steps (approcimately 10 steps) last week. Is it fine?
Answer: Hello dear, if you're not feeling any pain or discomfort after climbing stairs then it looks like you're strong enough to handle it..but generally climbing stairs need to avoided for a few weeks until your c sec wound heals completely inorder to prevent any further complications.. please do consult your gynecologist before you try climbing up the stairs again..
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