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Question: 2nd day of fertile period so tell me some tips to get conceive because sperm comes out after doing that.

Answer: After Intercourse don't wake up from bed n don't wash vagina for atleast half an hour to 1 hour. Sleep on your back at this tym . Don't change posotion. Sperms comes out is normal
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Question: I need a answer plz reply me after doing intercourse sperm comes out why like that.
Answer: That is usually normal. Only 1 to 2 ml can go inside and that is enough
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Question: I am unable to conceive as everytime sperm comes out. Suggest me something
Answer: Dear...the best position to get conceive is missionary. Keep pillows under waist...lie on your back with your waist elevated for 20-30 min even after making the semen won't come out... All the best.
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Question: My last period was on December 25. Please tell me fertile days and some tips
Answer: 10_14 days before and after periods is fertile. Try to have more relaxed sex during this period. You will definitely get pregnant. Nothing to worry
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