26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 2days my baby movements are fast but yesterday and today it was reduced, am worried why?

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Answer: No problem it depends on your baby weight when it increases your may reduce plz check evey 2 hours is moment's are there or not
Answer: It changes..some days fast some days slow..but still u get it checked by your doctor..
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Question: Iam in 28 week my baby movements was yesterday fast but today its slow
Answer: baby movement is generally felt by 25 weeks if you are first time mother. its completely normal not to feel any movement sometime. try eating something sweet or lie down on your left side . you will start feeling it. restrictive movements may be noticed in the third trimester due to the growing baby size and therefore no place to move in the uterus.But if you feel a sudden change in pattern/sudden decrease/absence or increase in fetal movement,you should visit your doctor to confirm the health of your baby!
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Question: My baby movements are regular today is it normal am so worried and not getting sleep
Answer: hi dear have babies gross and become very close to the neighbour their activity will be high and you don't need to worry about this . thik in a fresh and take healthy food keep yourself relax and fresher and also whenever you sleep please sleep on your left side this is good for babies movement and growth
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Question: My baby was having fever after vaccination yesterday but today it reduced ,is it safe to give vitamin drops today?
Answer: Yes u can give vitamin drops as usual... If fever is there give crocin drops but no need to stop vitamin drops.
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