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Question: 29 weeks baby weight 2kg and preterm delivered surviving percentage?

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Answer: At 29 weeks baby's weight should be 1.2 kg. but your baby is already 2 kg it means that either you are having diabetes or your amniotic fluid is high due to which the baby's weight has increased survival rate is difficult to say some each and every case is different depends on how well your baby's body is developed. But I have seen many children who have survived from 29 weeks don't be disheartened
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Question: Hi I am 29 weeks pregnant. My blood percentage is 9.9 and my baby weight is 1154.is it normal?!pls tel me madam
Answer: hi dear at the end of 29 weeks baby fetal weight approximately on 1100 grams your baby is normal in weight so don't worry .please follow some instructions to improve HB level , take some leafy vegetables like coriander, spinach, mint these contains very rich iron. and also carrot beetroot and some vegetable contain so many nutrients and vitamins. some dry fruits like walnuts raisins and Almonds help in increasing the blood levels . eating fresh fruits like pomegranate and oranges are the best way to increase the level of blood during pregnancy .. vegetables like corn, banana sprouts, avocado , lady finger are very rich in Folic acid.may this help full tq.
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Question: Can survive 30 weeks preterm baby....how much percentage....???
Answer: Baby birth weight is very important in determining the chances of Survival because the baby weight should be more than 2 kg and the baby will be kept in neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 3 weeks to monitor the condition so do not worry your baby will be absolutely ok
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Question: My preterm baby boy weight 2kg ,what i should increase his weight
Answer: At this time you can only do breastfeeding or formula feeding. And it should be given through regular intervals. Feed the baby with the gap of two hours.
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