10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 23 Jan is my last period date ..so calculating from that date I m now 9 week pregnant..but when I have done my TVS today it shows I m 6 week n 5days pregnant. n 3-4days I have suffered from brown discharge. Plz suggest me what should I do.

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Answer: Small discrepancy of 10-12 days can be there in the gestational age according to LMP date and as per your ultrasound scan dear....so there's no need to be worried dear...
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Question: Hi I m 9 weeks pregnant I m getting a brown discharge I had d same brown discharge last month also...I m vry scared...Jan 28 was my last periods den I checked on Feb and it was positive...n den I felt brown discharge dctr said dat it was implantation tym so I'll get it..again now I m getting tody I m very much scared abt it...can anyone tell me why it is happeng😒😒😒
Answer: Dear it is normal don't be scared ......I'm 15 week pregnant n I'm also face d same condition. So don't panic if u have any doubt u must consult ur doctor .Your doctor prescribe u some medicine .Becoz my doctor also prescribe me some medicines n injections too
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Question: Hii mam, my last period date is 21 Feb 2020,till now I have no period so I m pregnant? When should I test my pregnancy
Answer: After 40 days from last period date you can test. You should wait at least for 40 days. Take pregnancy test at April 1 or 2
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Question: Today from morning I have a fleshy kind of discharge like lite brown so what should I do now there are doctors available near my home and we are not able to go out from home due to COVID19
Answer: Dear I understand the situation.but please call your doctor on phone and find out what needs to be done..atleast if he can prescribe a medicine then you can get it from pharmacy .my friend who also used to have brown spotting was given progesterone suppliment..
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