5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 21st day after iui. I have a pain on both sides . Is it gud or bad

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Answer: Dear if the pain is mild then it can be because of changes that is happening inside but if pain is constant and severe then please consult with your doctor and get a scan done...
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Question: I need to know about eggs that are they produce on both sides or production depends on altarnate month
Answer: If you are talking about from your ovary, then there is no fixed rule. They can come from either side.
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Question: I am on 37th day i have white discharge and light abdominal pain is it normal .my hcg value on 35th day is 1388
Answer: Your HCG value confirm you are pregnant. Mild white discharge with right abdominal pain is common due to hormonal changes.talk to doctor to start taking pregnancy supplements and take a scan in between 7 to 9 weeks to check pregnancy progress and fetal heart rate. All the best take care..
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Question: Im six weeks pregnant, is breast pain will have on daily when the breast changes start, I don't have a continuous pain day by day or sometimes
Answer: Hi dear, it is common to have tender breasts but if u r facing very bad pain then you should consult your doctor
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