29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 2 times stool in a day during complete 29 week pregnancy is normal??

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Question: Hello I'm 18 weeks pregnant ....is it normal to pass stool 2 to 3 times during a day
Answer: Hi dear, congratulations on pregnancy. See dear its absolutely safe and gine to pass poop even 5 times a day so dont worry and just stay hydrated that is very important.
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Question: Stool can happen two times a day in pregnancy
Answer: Yes dear it can happen .no worries.in pregnancy your digestive system become weak and 2 times stool ideally is a good sign of bowel movement so relax.
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Question: Is going to 2-3 times a day normal in 18th week pregnancy?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Please complete question so that we can help you. You can comment here or post again. Take care
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