2 months old baby

Question: 2 months 10days old baby rolls over from back to stomach and lifts it's head. Is it normal? Is it too soon to do it?

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Answer: Yea... I guess it's too soon to do but if your baby is doing you do not stop it. and ask your pediatrician advice on this .
Answer: My son did this when he was 4 months. Please consult your pediatrician.
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Question: My baby is 4months and 28 days old. Still he is not rolls over from back to tummy. Is that normal?
Answer: Don't worry dear. Every baby is different and some take more time. It is completely normal.
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Question: My baby is 4mnths 10days old.till now she has not rolled over...is it normal..usually whn babies roll over from back to tummy
Answer: Hello! Every baby is different. There is nothing to worry. Some babies roll over by 6 months also. Just try to give your baby more of tummy time. This might encourage him to try roll over. Tummy time also helps to relieve the baby of gas and strengthens the neck muscles too. Take care
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Question: My 5 months old baby boy tries to do somersault, I mean to say he lifts his body and puts his head down similar to do somersault, is it safe for him or should I stop him from doing it?
Answer: Yes let him play and explore the world. They are the little scientist. Do not leave him alone. Enjoy every moment with them. All the best.
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