2 months old baby

Question: 2 month baby digestive system

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Answer: Hello! Please complete your query for use to answer it. I would request you to repost your query. Take care
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Question: Does baby boy digestive system differ from baby girl s
Answer: Hi dear, They both have same system.there is no differentiation due to gender.
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Question: Why babies digestive system hasn't matured
Answer: Your baby’s stomach is very small (approximately the size of a marble) and his digestive system is not accustomed to ingesting anything other than what was delivered to him through the placenta. This is why babies may lose anywhere up to 10% of their body weight in the first couple of weeks after birth. The digestive system of healthy human children and adults has a layer of mucous which protects the gastrointestinal tract from microbes and other contaminants which may be present in the foods or drinks we consume. Infants have a very thin and immature barrier which puts newborns at a greater risk of infection. Hope this answer will help you
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Question: How will improve my baby's digestive system?
Answer: Hi dear, Your baby is too young for that.the digestive system would be quite weak for newborns which eventually would get better once they age.breastmilk is easy to digest compare to formula milk.donot overfeed the baby.and always burp baby post feed.this would prevent then to throw up.
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Question: 5 month baby food, meature or imeature digestive system in 5
Answer: Hi, Till 6 month baby should not be given solid food as digestive system would be better to digest solid food.
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