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Question: 2 days back i have reddish brown colour spitting few drops only , .my lmp is 19 jan . I am having on off breast pain .. and feeling like vomiting whenever eating any thing . Is this pregnancy symptoms

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Answer: Yes mam Ipls confirm ur pregnecy after 10 days.. for sure result...
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Question: My last lmp was on 31st jan n my cycle is 31 to 33 days..since yesterday m feeling like vomiting n it symptoms of pregnancy
Answer: Did you get your monthly period last month? If not then there is a chances of you being pregnant. Do UPT test first with your first urine sample of the day. Hope you will get to hear the good news.
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Question: I am 5 weeks pregnant. My health is not good. Having vomiting like feeling, could not eat anything. It's like acid is forming inside and m spitting saliva frequently. Any solution for this so that I feel like eating something?
Answer: Drink butter milk. This is very common. It will be alright when u"ll reach to ur third month. And ask doc for tablets. Eat a little bcz this will help in ur baby growth......
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Question: Lmp 17oct ,test is positive (chkd twice).but no symptoms like vomiting,faint etc only breast nipples r tight
Answer: Its completely normal to not have any morning sickness dear.Each one is different and each pregnancy is different.. You are one among the lucky few. Njoy your pregnancy. All the best. Take care.
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