10 months old baby

Question: 2+ baby ka wait 10 kg hai kya ye thik h ya kam

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Answer: Yes dear it's way less, by now his weight should be 1 2kg minimum. Busy toddlers burn lots of calories. A child that is not gaining weight steadily can be in danger of not meeting their nutritional needs. Getting your little one to eat more is likely to be very difficult. Therefore, making each mouthful have the greatest caloric impact is the most likely to add those needed kilos. Here are some strategies for adding calories. Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of nonfat dry milk powder to muffins, cooked cereal, pancakes, milkshakes, yogurt. Add a powdered dry fruit mix to:milk, milkshakes, smoothies, or ice cream. Add extra butter to: cooked cereal, rice, pasta dishes, sandwiches, potatoes, and vegetables. Add cheese to: pasta, meatloaf, crackers, sandwiches, burgers, soups, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. Spread cream cheese or peanut butter on bread, muffins, fruit slices, pancakes, Include supplements, such as:Boost, Pediasure,horlicks. For extra protein, offer more of these foods: eggs, milk, cheese, peanut butter, meats, & yogurt, paneer and tofu.
Answer: 2 + year ke baby ka weight around 12.5 kg hona chahiye. In the initial 3 months, infants put on about 1 kg each month. From 3-6 months, weight gain reduces to 1/2 kg/month; from 6-9 months, it becomes 1/3, and for 9-12 months, it settles to 1/4 kg. In full term infants, the birth weight doubles in the 4th month and triples when they reach 12 months and 4* when they reach on 24 month. The weight is on Lil lower side. Include following food items in baby diet. 1) Banana  2) Paneer 3) Oats 4) Ragi 5) Toor Dal 6) Potato  7) Dry fruits. 8) Butter/Desi ghee  Try to give these item daily. Feed 6 times a day. 3 proper meal and 3 snacks. Always prepare  food in butter or ghee. Soon you ll see change in baby weight.  
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Question: Hi everyone mere baby ka weight 2.kg hai kya ye normal hai ya baby ka weight jada hai
Answer: apka baby ka weight thik hein...delivery tak weight barhta rahega...tension maat lijiye...sirf apkr khane peene mein dhyan d
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Question: Meri baby 2 year 4 month ki wo sab khati hai par phr uska wait 10 kg he hai kya ye wait normal hai ya kam plz koi suggestions de taki wait bad ske
Answer: Hello.. My kid is 3 yrs 10 months old.. She is 14 kgs only.. I askd the doctor.. He said she is normal. So i think ur baby's weight is quite normal.. No worries
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Question: 17weeks 6days pregnancy me baby ka wait 218 gm h ye baby wait Kam h ya thik h?
Answer: Hello! aapke baby ka weight theek h..average weight of baby during this week is between 149 to 190 grams.
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