27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 2. A hot bath might not be friendly to your baby in the womb:.... is it true ur not

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Answer: hello! its a myth. Your baby is in a much protective environment, and a warm bath is not going to harm her. Moreover, you will be using warm water and not a very hot water, so there is no problem in having a warm bath.
Answer: wo to pata nhi. I hv
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Question: is it true by pouring hot water and pulling legs straight during bath helps the baby to roll over ?
Answer: Hi,putting warm water is said because it relax s the nerves of the baby . If you give good maalish to your baby and bath with warm water the muscles and bones becomes strong. Which helps the baby to achieve it's milestones at correct time. Take care
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Question: Should we take bath to baby 2 times a day? It is very hot here
Answer: Hello! There is no problem in giving bath it the baby twice a day. But keep a watch if the baby has the chance of catching cold the give a sponge bath. Take care
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Question: Does taking more amount of curd cause the baby in the womb to be dull headed? Is it true
Answer: It's a myth actually, curd is good for ur health but during winter take it at room temperature
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