Few weeks old baby

Question: 1week 4 day baby have hiccup many times a day its reduce after feeding any problem??

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Answer: Don't worry dear new born has hiccups and it is normal. So don't worry and make sure that after every feed you burp baby. It will reduce the hiccups. And also don't overfeed baby and when baby has hiccups don't feed baby immediately it may cause problems. Take care.
Answer: Hi, there is nothing to worry, it is common in babies. It is mostly said if babies are overfed they get hiccups, so reduce the feed a little and increase the frequency.
Answer: Hi dear there is nothing to worry about the hiccups babysitters will stop by itself and it is very normal that the baby has hiccups dear
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Question: My baby is 23days old..n she is hiccup so many times in a day...atleast4,5times
Answer: Hi Hiccups are good for baby development and it's a sign that everything is going well with baby. Hiccups improves infant digestion. Babies do not get upset from hiccups, so you do not need to try and stop a baby's hiccups, but if you want to try you can breastfeed.
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Question: How many times a day my baby want feeding
Answer: you should feed for atleast 20 mins per breast dear. otherwise your baby will get only foremilk.. hindmilk comes at the end which is lil bit thick and contains most of the fat. you should see whether baby is full or not . touch his tummy. if he is full you will find his tummy lil bit filled up. same think is with Brest milk. when your breast is full of milk. you will feel it, sometimes it's start leaking also. as the baby start drinking you will feel that it's getting emptied.... you will find it loose. then slowly you can feed him from other Breast. gradually you will learn the art of feeding from your experience only dear.
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Question: How many times feeding lactogen milk per a day
Answer: As per babys feed need you can give in small proportions . If your breast feeding you can pump your milk and give it your baby .
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