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Question: 1st time result is positive but today is negative result what happens madam some times lite slotting is came please rpy madam

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Answer: Hi dear the Spotting that you had had could be the reason for this negative result of pregnancy because when you get positive result of your pregnancy test it means that your body has the pregnancy hormone which is called HCG and now if you have the negative report it means that HCG has stop increasing your in your body which is not normal it should increase and it should double within days but that is not happening and that is the reason you have received negative results now I think you should have rushed to your doctor when you found that you are spotting but if you have not done that please do go now to your doctor to get a checkup done and to see if there is everything alright .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hlo everyone, today is my 13 days missed period, I checked but result came negative,what should I do
Answer: Hi! Please wait for few days you might have your periods, 5 days plus minus is common. However if you get it much late or get it with some discomfort, its the time to go to a Doctor and rule any underlying disease; It can be Thyroid. It can be PCOS(poly cystic ovarian syndrome) It can much stress Too much weight gain/loss Increase of prolactin hormone. Good luck!
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Question: Mam....feb 1st is my periods date...but my pregnancy test is negative..1st time positive...but 2n time negative...
Answer: hi it is advisable to do a proper Urine Pregnancy Test which will help to give you an accurate results and it's also advisable to consult to the Dr for the same
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Question: Sterday i got positive result but today it is negative.....iam totally confused
Answer: Hi Dear, If you have missed your period and it tested positive yesterday,then why did you check it today again? Sometimes the Pregnancy kits are faulty .and also always check with your first urine in the hormones in initial stages would be low,and early morning urine would have more Pregnancy hormones since it is less diluted.i would advice wait for another week and recheck with first urine in morning.
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