1 months old baby

Question: 1month 13days over getting delivered I had got c section but still from the day I got delivered bleeding haven't stopped is this normal or should I consult doctor

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Answer: Yes better to consult for satisfaction
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Question: I got c section 3months back but still bleeding appear for some times. Continuesly 1month bleeding appear after that stopped and again bleeding is repeated
Answer: Hello dear. It is not normal to get bleeding back however periods can come back after 6 to 8 weeks and that is normal if you aren't breastfeeding ur baby. So if you are having the bleeding continuously then you need to report this to your gynae as it is not normal. Hope it helps.
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Question: I had c section delivery its 1month over but i still have pain in stitches is it normal
Answer: It will take minimum two months for the stiches to heal completely. So don't worry. Having pain is normal
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Question: Got delivered 33days over now bleeding is stopped it is normal r not?
Answer: Hi dear, after delivery bleeding stops within 1 week to 1 month. So, its normal dear. Dont worry.
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