2 months old baby

Question: 1ml of vitamin d3 is safe for 2month baby

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Answer: I m using vitamin d3 depura drops .5 ml in morning and .5 ml in night.. quantity may vary with brand of medicine..it depends on concentration of vitamin d3 in that
Answer: Doc. Suggest me 10 drops of d3 three time in day till 6 month.
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Question: Is Vitamin D3 medicine safe for 6month old baby?
Answer: yes Vitamin D3 is generally suggested for newborns ... it is actually not mandatory for your baby to be given Vitamin D3 drops when we have Sun given by nature.. you can show your baby in the morning sunlight by 7 o'clock in the morning which means you your baby will get the necessary Vitamin D he needs from the morning early morning sunlight .. sun bath at early morning is actually good for babies .. vitamin D3 syrup is also completely safe for 6 months old baby ..
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Question: Is it safe for giving 1ml of vitamin d3 drops for baby of 2 month
Answer: Hello! Please consult your baby's paediatric as the doctor is the best person to guide you about this. The dosage depends on the weight of the baby also, hence doctor 's advice is important. Take care
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Question: Doctor have prescribed vitamin d3 drops for my baby n 1ml daily I feel it's little more for my baby?
Answer: Hi dear, my baby was prescribed the same it's not more for baby dont worry it's the normal dosage.
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