16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 15th week pregnant women can travel more than 4 hours?

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Answer: No. Try to avoid travel at this timrv
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Question: I m 4 months pregnant. Is it Ok to travel on bike for more than 2 hours?
Answer: Hi,if you have a healthy pregnancy and there is no medical complications than you can travel by bike but please be very careful of the bumpy roads and travelling in peak hours.also to be on the safer side do take advice from your health care provider
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Question: Can 7 week pregnant women travel in flight
Answer: Hello dear... During first trimester, it is advisable to avoid travel, but in unavoidable circumstances please consult doctor before travel
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Question: Can i travel from bike for more than 2 hours distance
Answer: Yes u can but maintain it on the way stand in half half an hour for 10mins and then u can go ... Good luck
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