13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 12 week pregnant. Can i eat raw mango chutney

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Answer: Yes it's absolutely fine to have raw mango chutney but have it in moderation.if you find my answer helpful then kindly give thumbs up
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    Bandaru Krishna veni640 days ago


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Question: Can we eat mango pickles in the frist trimester
Answer: U can have mango pickle in pregnancy. There is no harm in it but have in moderation as it can make stomach upset otherwise eating pickle is safe as it help in curing from vomiting or if nausea is there
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Question: Hi.. Am 28 week pregnant. Shall i eat fish, mango and jackfruit? Is it healthy for me?
Answer: Sure u can take fish its safe but make sure take in a limited quanity nd it should be fully cooked nd but make sure take low murcury fish its safe 4 u .avoid taking high murcury fish its not safe 4 u. U can take mango too its also safe..u can take Jack fruit its safe 4 u .but make sure take in a limited quantity .Try it It is rich in vitamin B6 and other nutrients such as potassium nd rich source of antioxidant.
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Question: In first trimester can I eat Mango ripe mango?
Answer: Sure dear... You can eat ripe mangoes during pregnancy in small quantities dear... just don't over eat it as it can trigger a rise in your blood sugar levels dear..
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