10 months old baby

Question: 10months boy don't want to mix with others except family members.

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Answer: Some baby attract with others easily but some babys attract with other slowly only. After watching morethan 5 time only have.a outing to relation house weekly once
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Question: How I trained baby to mix with others ?
Answer: Hi dear, I think you are talking about stranger anxiety in babies.so it is quite common,and and it is a phase most of the babies go through.your baby would be fine,keep her exposed to propel mor often .take her to parks ,and other social events,at th same time donot stress your baby.it would pass gradually.my baby had it too ,in quite early stage.now he's absolutely fine.
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Question: family members shouts loudly when they talk with each other, it will effect my baby
Answer: Very much,so when they are shouting u leave that place, otherewise from you baby will get stress, listen light music, Mahabharata, ramayana you will get good result, good luck
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Question: Why my daughter always feel shy crom others do not want to mingle with others
Answer: Try to take her out to see more people and new place ..more exposure is the only way for this...
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