12 months old baby

Question: 1 year bbay girl.. Still less hair on head.. Is it anything to worry about

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Answer: Hello, that's ok if there is less hair you can just apply castor oil the volume will increase . also olive oil and almond oil is good for your baby . Hope this helps.
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Question: My baby is born on 5th march, she has less hair on her scalp(just the front side of her head) and has good hair throughout, what could be the reason , anything to worry about?
Answer: Congrats dear !!! Nothing to worry its because his head was tight in your tummy when time goes he will having more hair 😍
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Question: My girl is 4 month old and her head sweats a lot.....is there anything to worry about it?
Answer: Hello dear, small babies body heat release from head and it can be very sweaty because of that so there is nothing to worry about it at all.
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Question: My kid have very less hair on his head n now he is 1 year old still growth of hair is too slow what should I do?
Answer: If your last pregnancy was in risk then u must consult your problem with your gynacologist.
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