22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 1 week back I had my Tiffa scan so,I'am having small calcific lesions seen in plecenta.Then my Dr suggested torch test ,after the results she said I have tested positive !!! I was shocked ........and I asked her what does it mean ??? She said ur having "aging placenta" . Now I am taking medicine.......I am just worried about my baby growth.

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Question: I am having aging placenta, and I'am worried about my baby growth
Answer: Dear in pregnancy placenta do age week by week but if your is high ageing then do talk to your doctor for some medicine. Don't worry it can be treated. It will not cause any harm..
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Question: I am having serviour vomitings I am unable to eat anything....I am worried about my baby growth...
Answer: Vomiting is common during pregnancy. It can occur at any time, day or night. Although unpleasant, it is considered a normal part of a healthy pregnancy.Try to drink plenty of water but have it in sips. Take small meals 6-7 times. Have something immediately once you get up even before leaving bed
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Question: Very heavy cold to my baby she is just having sound cold i am very much worried about it please tell some home remedies to cure this problem she is 1 month 7 days old
Answer: dear massaging your baby with mustard oil infused in carom seeds and garlic cloves will help your baby in getting relief from cold
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