5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: 1. Bevon --morning, night- After food- 2ml (Syrup) 2.diovol--morning, night-- before food, 3ml(syrup) 3. Corona-- afternoon --after food only(tablet) 4. Nosic--before food morning,night(tablet) I am 36 days of pregrent .. shall i increase the syrup consistency Bevon.. please do suggest

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Question: I can't sleep at night and having shortness of breath ...I usually sleep around 4 in the morning and not not able to sleep even in afternoon ...please please help....in 25 weeks pregnant
Answer: Dear me also having same condition. What we can do is take naps in afternoon as our sleeps at night are not continuous else you may feel tired.
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Question: When I should take folic acid tablet mrg of afternoon. After I or before food please suggest me
Answer: Dear taking folic acid is to prevent baby brain and spine defects.better to have it at morning after food till 13 weeks.take care
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