7 months old baby

Question: 0My baby has got PCV and flu vaccination yesterday and from midnight she is getting fever 100. 4 I have given her pcm two times since then. But her fever levels are remaining near 100.4

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Question: My baby got vaccination yesterday is., on 19th April .. after getting vaccination he became less active and has got low fever and feeling sleepy and vommiting milk...
Answer: Hello dear after vaccination these problems occur for 3 to 4 days then become normal. For fever doctor prescribed medicine give her medicine and more rest. Little bit milk vomiting is normal. For heavy vomiting consult with doctor.
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Question: my baby is feeling uncomfortable. she poops 4-5 times a day since last 5 days yesterday I noticed fever also .. her hands and feet are very hot
Answer: Hello Keep your baby well hydrated as babies tend to loose water give them electrolyte water so they can restore the electrolytes they have lost. The other remedies are sabodana water, breast milk is the best cure for dieriya, loose pomegranate or juice also helps but dilute the juice if u feel it's too concentrated curd is the best probiotic. Coconut water also helps. Hope I helped.
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Question: Hi all, my baby is 6 weeks old now and got his 6 weeks vacation yesterday morning 11 AM. He had 100.4 fever yesterday​ and today also has 100° at 5 PM . how long does this fever stay?
Answer: hi there my doctor had prescribed my baby paracetamol for 6 hourly...any if more fever is there then u should give 4 hourly...it will come Down...
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