14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: मुझे दो तीन दिन से सफेद सफेद बूंद जैसा हो रहा हैं बताए कया खाने पीने से या पानी की कमी से हो रहा हैं

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Answer: ye bilkul normal hai.. Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancyis called leukorrhea and is thin, white, milky, and mild smelling. Leukorrhea is normal and nothing for you to worry about. During pregnancy do not: ... Douche – this can interrupt the normal balance of healthy bacteria in the vagina and lead to infection.
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Question: Hi। मेरी गुड़िया 13 दिन की है मुझे 2 दिन से ब्रेस्टफीडिंग में बहुत दर्द होता हैं, please tell me क्या करूँ?
Answer: you can use nipple shield dear. you will less pain. keep hot compress on that area . aap jitna feed karwaoge aapko utna hi kam pain hoga. ek baar aapka baby comfortable ho gaya tab aapko jyada pain nahi hoga. wah Abhi sirf 13 days ka hai. you shoud Have fenugreek seeds ,fennel seeds,cumin seeds. Make ragi milkshake and drink.Apart from this massage your breast in circular motions and drink warm water. for the time being you can offer her formula milk. keep offering her breast milk every 2 hour, the more he will suck , the more milk will produce. drink loads of fluid either in the form of water or juices , shakes , soups etc. dont loose hope. keep trying!"
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Question: मेरा 6महीना हो रहा है और blood level कम हो रहा है only 50% ही ब्लड है। मुझे हेमोग्लोबिन की कमी है कोई उपाय बताये जिससे जल्द ही ब्लड लेवल में आ जाये
Answer: The top iron rich foods include green leafy vegetables like spinach, beetroot, tofu, asparagus, chicken liver, whole egg, oysters, apple, pomegranate, apricot, watermelon, prunes, pumpkin seeds, dates, almonds, raisins, amla and jaggery”,  Eat foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, lemon,strawberries, papaya, bell peppers, broccoli, grapefruit and tomatoes. Some good food sources of folic acid are green leafy vegetables, sprouts, dried beans, wheat germ, peanuts, bananas, broccoli and chicken liver. “Beetroot is also highly recommended to increase the body’s red blood cell count as it is high in folic acid as well as iron,  An apple a day can help maintain a normal level of hemoglobin, since apples are rich in iron plus other health-friendly components that are required for a healthy hemoglobin count. “Nettle is a herb that is a good source of B vitamins, iron, vitamin C and can play a key role in raising your hemoglobin level
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Question: मेरा ढेर साल का बेटा है घर पे हूआ था उसके होने के तेरह दीन बाद मेरा बचेदानी बाहर दीखने लगा थोरा सा और सफेद पानी भी गीरता है और अब मे दो महीने की परेगनेनट हू और अब मूजे बहोत दीकत हो। रहा है कूछ बताइये मेम
Answer: Hi Dear ! First of all congratulations aapki pregnancy ke liye aapka uterus dikhna bahar se normal baat nahi hai ye ek problem hai jisko aap ko solve karna hai to mujhe lagta hai first of all aapko doctor se meet karna chahiye jo ki aapko hal batayenge kyuki uterus waise andar nahi Jayega I hope Ki Kuch yoga exercise ya aisa kuch ho Jisse uterus andar ja sake lekin abhi a possible nahi hai ki abhi aap ko pregnant white discharge normal Hai pregnancy mein but agar aapko white discharge Mein kabhi kabhi kuch greenish yellow yellowish dikhaya or foul smell ho to please doctor se consult kijiye infection ka indication ho sakta hain.. Hope this helps!
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