7 months old baby

Question: 8 मंथ बेबी को khasi m mulethi kam karega

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Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 8 months old dear cold cough s common problem in this season due to weather change nothing to worry abht .u can give Mulathi powder to ur baby .it's effective in coughing .try these remedies Give steam to ur baby..be carefully hold tight to ur baby. ..take a pan add mustard oil+ajwain+5 6 garlic seed burn it and take it in jar in night warm that oil nd apply on babys chest back hands nd feets. Take a spoon of water add haldi mix it apply on babys fore head..dear Maintain room temputure..it should be not hot or cold..dear season s changing sob Put full cloths to baby.Apply Saffron paste on babys fore head u can give turmeric saffron milk before bed tim. Give ginger syrup wit honey..
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Question: 8 मंथ बेबी diet
Answer: Hi dea.u should add fruit like banana,papaya,pomegranate juice by cutting them into small pieces.veggies like-cauliflower,brocoli,pumpkin.fishes like rohu,paneer,chicken,white part of egg,yogurt.typical eight-month-old baby follows a schedule that includes three solid meals and two snacks along with at least two sessions of breast or formula feeding.here is a schedule for food-Morning- Wake up and nurse for a few minutes (About 200 ml)Breakfast- 1 cup of puree or any breakfast.Mid-morning snack- half a cup of fruit/yoghurt/boiled vegetable.Lunch- 1 cup of ceral,Nap time ,Evening snack- breastfeeding or formula milk (about 200ml),dinner- 1 cup of porridge/puree/cereal,Night- feed to sleep.hope this will help.
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Question: Mam mera baby 6 to 8 times potty krta hai wo potty krna kam kb karega
Answer: Potty 6-8 times can be due to stomach infection or due to various other reasons, consult your paediatrician for examination and treatment. Iss keyliye dawaii lena padega.
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Question: I m 8 week pregnant can I eat mulethi I am suffering from dry cough
Answer: Mulethi should be avoided during the pregnancy. It harms the brain of the baby and hence better to avoid completely.
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